what is the best way to store kayaks

What is the Best Way to Store Kayaks?

The first thing to remember when storing your kayak is to avoid direct sunlight. This will cause significant damage to the hull. You can also cover your kayak to keep it out of the elements. Make sure to store it vertically or horizontally and avoid flattening it on the ground. The bottom of the hull should be pointing upwards. Then, keep it in a dry location as much as possible. fishing kayaks with trolling motor

When storing your kayak for long periods of time, it is important to clean it thoroughly. Make sure to clean all watertight compartments such as the cockpit. Water inside the hatches may promote the growth of fungus and mold. Moreover, it may cause the plastic to deteriorate. To avoid this, you can use a plastic cover or a dry cloth to wipe the interiors of your kayak.

If you don’t have a garage space, you can use ceiling storage racks or suspend your kayaks on grab loops. Ceiling storage racks are great for kayaks because they distribute the weight evenly across the length of the kayak. For added protection, you can also install padded cradles to protect your kayak’s hull from pressure. If you don’t have garage space, you can buy a turn-key kayak storage system. These systems cost less than $50 and can hold any type of kayak.

If you do not need your kayak every day, you can store it in an out of the way location where it is out of sight. This way, you can access it when the warm weather arrives. It’s also important to secure your kayak against theft. Remember to lock your kayak with a cable or bike lock. Adding a steering wheel lock will increase its security. A steering wheel lock is a more effective deterrent.

When you’re not using your kayak, it’s important to keep it clean and dry. You don’t want the water to freeze and thaw repeatedly. To protect your kayak, try to store it in an area where it stays above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t store it with tight straps, as they create a pressure point and may break. A better way to store your kayak is vertically.

Hanging your kayak by the handles is not the best option for long-term storage. It can cause strain on the stern. You can use padding or towels to prevent this. If you don’t have anything like these to spare, you can purchase a kayak crate that comes with padding and keeps it safe and secure. It is best to store your kayak in a garage or basement. You should also remember that plastic kayaks can dent over time and need to be stored in a secure place.

When storing your kayak indoors, you can place it on a wall in order to free up floor space. If you don’t want to put your kayak against a wall, hang it vertically. Make sure you secure it properly, or you’ll risk causing damage. In addition, you need to make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture, as these can damage your kayak.