What Type of Plastic is Old Town Kayaks Made From?

what type of plastic is old town kayaks

You might wonder what type of plastic is Old Town kayaks made from. This article discusses HDPE, LDPE, and Rotationally moulded polyethylene, and provides information on what to look for in a kayak. Then, you can choose between a sit-inside or pedal drive kayak. Read on to discover what these three materials are and whether or not they are right for you.

Rotationally moulded polyethylene

The hull of an Old Town kayak is constructed from a single or triple layer of rotationally moulded polyethylene. The material is remarkably durable, able to withstand repeated scrapes and bumps. Scratches on the polyethylene hull are only superficial, but scratches can be repaired by welds and Old Town offers repair kits. The Heron 9XT has a stern hatch and thigh pads.

For long expedition-style paddling, the Old Town Looksha 17 is a solid choice. This reiteration of the Necky classic kayak is sturdy, durable, and can accommodate food and camping gear. The rotomolded polyethylene construction and high capacity make it an excellent choice for kayak trips. Another Old Town model, the CrossLink 3 Discovery, is designed for two people to paddle together.

While all Old Town kayaks are made of durable Rotationally moulded polyethylene, some models are more stable than others. Fishing kayaks with pontoon hulls are notably more stable than other sit-on-tops. Other measures of stability include weight capacity, which varies according to model. The usable weight capacity is the amount of weight allowed in the kayak after options have been selected.

The process of rotation molding is similar to that of injection molding, though the main material is usually different. The polyethylene pellets that are used are heated in an oven to melt, and the polyethylene liquid is then forced to cover the entire surface of the mold. Once cooled, the polyethylene pellets are ready for assembly. After the polyethylene pellets have been cooled, they are inspected to ensure that they are smooth and free of flaws.


The hull of an Old Town kayak is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable material that’s easy to repair if damaged. HDPE kayaks are made using the same technique as traffic cones and trash containers. The material is placed in a mold and then heated, forming an even coating inside the mold. This one-piece construction makes Old Town kayaks extremely durable.

Old Town kayaks are manufactured in Old Town, Maine, and are made from Rotomolded Polyethylene, a lightweight thermoplastic with excellent durability. When storing your kayak, keep it deck-side down on a padded support. You can also use a storage rack with a seat built into the top, which will keep your kayak in tip-top condition. And while you’re at it, consider investing in a padded storage rack for the kayak.

Old Town makes both 12 and 13-foot fishing kayaks. While the 13-foot kayaks are ideally suited for open water and are built to handle swells, the 10.5-foot kayaks are better for sheltered waters and prioritize maneuverability. The 12-foot kayak is a compromise between the two. The larger one is better for fishing on sheltered waters. The smaller kayak is better for family outings.

If you’re planning on touring in your kayak, you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to store. Old Town kayaks have sealed bow and stern bulkheads to keep your gear dry in the event of a capsize. These kayaks also have compartments for storing gear and allowing you to stay overnight. It’s important to note that Old Town kayaks are a part of the Johnson Outdoors family.


Old Town Kayaks are durable and lightweight. Polyethylene is an excellent thermoplastic, and the three layer construction of Old Town canoes is the perfect combination of lightweight and durability. These canoes are designed for whitewater and shallow water. The Old Town Discovery line uses a unique material called CrossLink3, which sandwiches 3/8″ polyethylene foam between two layers of polyethylene. The result is an extremely stiff, durable, and buoyant kayak. It is also inexpensive and durable.

LDPE is a thermoplastic polymer that is resistant to fading. Its durability is enhanced by an LDPE-based epoxy resin. Old Town Canoe’s full line of LLDPE kayaks is made from the same plastic. The company sources these plastics from Teknor Color. Kayaks are available in red, yellow, blue, and two different green hues.

Unlike traditional wooden kayaks, LDPE is completely water-resistant. This means that you can use your kayak in a swimming pool or on the lake without worry of it cracking. Most of the parts are made of polyethylene, including the seats and bulkhead. Aside from the seats and bulkheads, the rudder pedals and rudder are made of metal or lightweight plastic. A nylon rope or plastic toggle may be used to hold on to the kayak.

Repairing Old Town kayaks requires polarization of the polyethylene hull. Without this polarization, you can’t apply a polyurethane resin to the surface. In addition, the area requiring repair must be cleaned and roughened using a sandpaper. If you do not have a polyurethane resin, you can purchase acrylic lacquer from your local automotive shop.


The Old Town line of sit-inside kayaks includes models that are both pedal-powered and paddle-driven. Most are between 10 and 12 feet in length, making them a good choice for casual outings on calm waters. Old Town also offers a tandem sea kayak, the Looksha, as well as sit-inside and pedal-drive models. This lineup is ideal for a variety of paddling activities, including kayak fishing.

The material used in the construction of an Old Town sit-inside kayak is made of triple or single-layer polyethylene. This material is incredibly resilient and can withstand repeated scrapes and bumps. As a result, even if you fall into the water on an Old Town sit-inside kayak, you can simply repair the damage by welding in a new piece of material. To do this, you can purchase a repair kit from the Old Town kayak manufacturer.

The Old Town Vapor 10 kayaks feature a redesigned seat with plenty of padding and a supportive adjustable backrest. The new seat has a drain plug, making it easy to remove water from the boat. To use the new seat, you should take a test ride to ensure that it is comfortable. Old Town kayaks also have a drain plug that makes it easy to dump water once you’re done paddling.


When it comes to sit-on-top kayaks, you’re not sacrificing performance for comfort. The Old Town Castine 145 sit-on-top kayak offers comfort and performance. This kayak has adjustable braces and an Active Comfort System 2.0 seat that provides support and is ergonomically designed for fishing and touring. The seat features a low-profile backrest and is vertically adjustable for maximum comfort.

While traditional sit-on-top kayaks have hulls that are similar to those of sit-on-top models, they offer more comfort and a molded depression on the top. Large paddlers may also find that they feel less cramped while paddling in a sit-on-top kayak. Whether you’re a first-time paddler or experienced pro, sit-on-top kayaks are great for exploring new water.

Many outfitters offer Old Town kayaks for rent, and they may have some for sale at the end of the season. If you’re interested in purchasing a kayak, renting one first will help you decide which one fits you best. You’ll also be able to test its performance and comfort. And you can always return it if you’re not satisfied with it. You’ll be glad you did!

If you want a sit-on-top kayak for a day trip with family or friends, look no further than the Old Town Twister. This lightweight, durable sit-on-top kayak can accommodate up to three paddlers. Its spacious seating area makes it the perfect choice for kids. You’ll be pleased with the durability and comfort of this classic. So, whether you’re planning on a day trip on a lake or a weekend camping trip, a sit-on-top kayak will be the perfect companion for you and your family.

Trip 10

The Old Town Trip 10 is a high-quality recreational sit-inside kayak. Its three-layer polyethylene construction and bow and stern deck rigging provide a more premium paddling experience. The kayak also features a deluxe high-back seat and a handy storage hatch. Its durability and plastic construction are unmatched in its price range. It is an excellent choice for lake day trips, family outings, and more.

The Vapor 10 Angler has a molded-in day well. The Trip 10 Angler has a conventional bulkhead and a full well cavity with a hinged, locking lid. Both kayaks come with a rubber ring seal and lockable hinged cover. This design gives kayakers more storage capacity, while ensuring that everything stays dry. The only real difference between the two models is the shape of the day well, which is not a major factor. The same is true for both the Trip 10 Angler and the Vapor 10.

The Old Town Vapor 10 is a comfortable and effective recreational kayak. Its large cockpit opening allows easy access to the storage compartments and offers ample space for a comfortable ride. You can carry a dog or a small child on this kayak. Its sturdy and lightweight construction will keep your pup safe. The Trip 10 kayak is lightweight, but sturdy. Old Town makes the Trip 10 in various colors to make it stand out in any crowd.

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