What Year Does the Mirage Drive Have a Reverse Option For Hobie Kayaks?

what year does the mirage drive have a reverse option installed for hobie kayaks

In the last 20 years, Hobie has improved the Mirage Drive to make it more maneuverable. Improvements include a redesigned fin profile, leg cranks, and adjustable leg length. The drive also features fins that kick up on impact. The latest version of the drive even features a 360-degree capability, meaning it can take you in any direction.


The 2017 Mirage Drive now has a reverse option for Hobie kayaks. This new drive allows you to easily move forward or reverse your kayak. The forward/reverse motion is adjustable and comes with plastic pull tabs. The drive is equipped with many other bells and whistles as well.

The new drive features a reverse option, which is useful for getting around tricky spots. The Mirage 180 is equipped with a MirageDrive 180 motor. The motor includes flexible fins that automatically take the shape of the propeller blades. The Vantage CT Seating System provides the rider with comfort and support. It also features seat-back, bottom, and height adjustment, lumbar support, and an integrated transducer mount. There are also pre-installed through-hull cable plugs. The Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 also comes with a retractable rudder system, which engages with T-shaped control handles.

The new MirageDrive 180 is an improved version of the MirageDrive pedal-powered system. It is lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, weighing under eight pounds. With this new system, Hobie has also included a reverse option, which makes it possible to maneuver the kayak even in tight pocket waters. It also allows anglers to present their lures more efficiently to fish.

The 2017 Mirage Drive 180 comes with two different fins. The standard MD180 ST fins are adequate for the Mirage Kayak range, but it’s worth upgrading to the MD180 ST Turbo fin if you want the highest top end speed. It’s also available as an upgrade kit. It’s easy to fit.

The MirageDrive also has a reverse option for Hobie kayaks. This feature eliminates the need to switch from forward to reverse in order to cast. This makes kayaking easy and convenient. MirageDrive is also adjustable to suit a variety of seat positions.

A MirageDrive 180 can be equipped with a range of different fins and masts. Most buyers choose to upgrade to the turbo fins, which help them go further without exerting too much energy. The standard ST fins come with the 2014 model, while the 2017 model comes with 180 Reverse style fins.


If you’re looking for a kayak with a reverse option, the new Hobie Mirage Compass line is a great choice. The dual pedal drive provides smooth forward and backward motion, and the Kick-Up Fin technology gives the aft user complete control of the boat in tight spots.

The MirageDrive 180 is Hobie’s patented pedal-driven system, featuring multiple patented features. The ST fin shape sheds water debris, while the Kick-Up feature pivots the fins back into place with each pedal crank stroke. It also features ARC cranks, which feature a convenient push-button for leg adjustments.

The new Mirage Drive 180 comes with the Compass reverse option. The Mirage 180 features levers that allow you to switch between forward and reverse pedaling without using the paddle. This option is easy to use, and the arms of the Mirage 180 pedals are adjustable so you can find the perfect position for your body. It also includes kick-up fin technology for added stability.

The MirageDrive 180 offers a smooth and comfortable ride, and its patented Kick-Up Fins allow you to easily maneuver through tight spaces. This kayak also features a retractable skeg and a 12-sided Hobie H-Rail for superior accessory rigging.

The Compass Camo kayak also has a GT Mirage Drive for more efficient power delivery. Its oversized cockpit, flat deck, and inset rudder provide maximum stability. It’s a great kayak for fishing in inland and coastal waters.

The MirageDrive 180 GT is another versatile kayak that offers great reverse power. This paddle also has Kick-Up fins, which can be steered with fingertip control. It also has a dual-rod holder and two molded-in-fins.

Another Mirage drive kayak is the Mirage Pro Angler 12. It has a MirageDrive 360 that provides full-circle maneuverability and power for an unmatched fishing experience. With this system, you can easily turn a 360 degree turn in seconds, and enjoy the smooth ride. The Mirage Drive is also equipped with Kick-Up fins that retract automatically when the kayak strikes an object, making even shallow areas navigable.

The Compass is another new option for the Mirage drive. This feature helps improve efficiency by reducing resistance on the water. In addition, the Kick-Up Fins eliminate underwater clashes with debris by retracting upon impact. In addition, the existing colorway selection will be expanded with a Bay Sand tone, which is ideal for fishing in low-light conditions or as a neutral color.


The Hobie Mirage Outback is one of the top fishing platforms on the market. It has been upgraded several times to improve its performance and design. Its improved features include Kick-Up Fin technology that allows automatic retraction. It also offers adjustable Vantage CTW seating with excellent lumbar support. Its stealthy design makes it ideal for keeping big game fish on their toes.

Another notable feature of the Hobie Mirage Outback is the reverse option. This is a unique feature that not all rival kayaks have. The Outback Mirage Drive 180 comes with a manual reverse option. The manual reverse option requires you to engage the rudder manually. This feature is available on the 180 drive, but you must be careful to engage the reverse option.

The Mirage Outback is an excellent choice for fishermen who want to make quick moves and chase down schools of fish. The lightweight design of the hull allows it to be easily transported on a roof rack. It also has an integrated rudder that allows for dual steering. The Mirage Outback also has a deluxe fishing deck and a wide, comfortable seat that allows for improved sight fishing.

Another option for driving a kayak is the MirageDrive 360. This system works on hidden gears and cables inside the hull. It lets you paddle your kayak forward, sideways, and in reverse. It also has a powerful rudder to maneuver around obstacles.

The MirageDrive 360 comes with Kick-Up Fins, which kick back when they touch obstacles under water. There are also four standard horizontal rod holders and two molded-in rod holders. It also has an elevated seat, which is ideal for long periods of use.

Another great feature of the Outback MirageDrive is its reverse option. This feature allows the paddler to reverse direction without needing to use their hands to steer. It also comes with a paddle, which can be used as a backup if the drive breaks. The Outback Mirage Drive is a great choice for fishing in shallow waters. Its kick-up fin technology also helps fishermen avoid underwater obstacles.

If you plan to take a trip, consider an Outback kayak. These versatile boats are ideal for fishing, family activities, and recreational purposes. They also have plenty of gear storage. They also have a retractable rudder and large front hatches. The rear cargo area has an eight-inch twist-and-seal hatch, bungee tie downs, and four moulded rod holders.


The Hobie MirageDrive 180 delivers reliable, all-day efficiency and power. Its advanced roller bearings and glide technology minimize resistance. It can be easily installed and removed in seconds. The removable and washable propellers are adjustable for all sizes. Its retractable rudder allows you to maneuver the boat without the need to lean over.

Unlike many other kayak propellers, the Revolution Mirage paddle system is an engineering genius. It allows for extremely fast, stable, and responsive kayaking. It also frees up your hands to fish. And best of all, the Mirage system is compact and easy to store, too.

The Revolution Mirage Drive is compatible with Hobie Mirage kayaks. Its 24-pound salt water trolling motor comes with a custom propeller and tiller handle. It also has a 12 volt battery and charger. It can reach real shallow water and is more affordable than other similar options.

The Hobie Revolution 13 is an ideal kayak for overnight trips, fishing, and exploring. Its low-resistance hull, Kick-Up Fin technology, and Mirage Drive 180 enhance performance and maneuverability. The Revolution 13 also features an optional Sail Kit to add more power.

The Mirage Sail Kit adds power and makes sailing fun. It also includes a two-piece paddle that clips onto the hull when it is not in use. And thanks to a corkscrew mechanism, you can easily open and close it. All these features are designed to increase your enjoyment in sailing.