When Does NRS Have Their Inflatable Kayaks on Sale?

when does nrs have their inflatable kayaks on sale

Inflatable kayaks are super convenient, easy to store, and super durable. These boats also don’t take up a lot of room. They are also lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold a person. In addition, the design is comfortable, with plenty of space for sitting. If you’re interested in purchasing an inflatable kayak, read on to learn about the many benefits of owning one.


If you are in the market for a new kayak, you may be wondering if you can find NRS inflatable kayaks for sale. These kayaks are designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers under 185 pounds. Depending on your weight, you may have to find another one. If you’re looking for something more durable, you may want to look for a harder-shell kayak. Then again, NRS kayaks are not rubber duckies – they’re made for fast-moving whitewater.

The NRS Aire Force is an upgrade for intermediate and advanced kayakers. It combines the convenience and performance of an inflatable with the safety of a hard shell. It has double-mesh drain holes that don’t collect debris, built-in float bags, and a Leafield C7 valve. The Aire Force also features a convenient paddle storage pocket. A rudder lets you control the kayak without getting out of control, and an integrated storage compartment is perfect for keeping equipment organized.

You can purchase a high-quality NRS inflatable kayak with an excellent warranty from NRS. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a durable kayak that’s easy to pack and transport. The NRS Outlaw weighs around 30 pounds and is easily folded into a storage bin. NRS MaverIK inflatable kayaks for sale come with a paddle and NRS Wonder Pump. You can even buy a package that includes two Breakdown paddles and a NRS Wonder Pump.

NRS inflatable kayaks on sale are an excellent option for the beginner and for those looking for an inexpensive kayak. The compact size and portability of an inflatable kayak make them a popular choice among those on a tight budget. You can also easily store them in a storage box and take them anywhere. Compared to hardshell kayaks, inflatable kayaks are lightweight and less expensive. And you can use them to explore the beautiful waters of the world.


If you’ve been on the lookout for an inflatable kayak, you’ve come to the right place. The NRS Aire Force inflatable kayak is the ultimate upgrade for intermediate and advanced kayakers. It combines the convenience and performance of an inflatable kayak with the advantages of a hard shell. It comes with new features such as double-mesh drain holes that won’t get clogged by debris and built-in float bags and Leafield C7 valve.

If you’re looking for a tandem inflatable kayak, the Outlaw II is the right choice. It combines rigid performance with a beginner-friendly ride. It’s also lightweight and features a drop-stitch floor that creates a stable platform. You and your partner will be able to comfortably paddle in this kayak, and it can be easily loaded with gear for overnight adventures.

Inflatable kayaks are extremely popular and can be found at a number of retail outlets, including big box stores. Some inexpensive models are available on Amazon, but the more expensive models are available from specialty paddlesports stores. There are also pedal-driven inflatable kayaks and pedal-driven kayaks. For the ultimate in convenience, you can get an inflatable kayak with a footseat pedal drive.

Inflatable kayaks can be used for all types of paddling, from gentle recreational to adventurous expeditions. The NRS sells a range of inflatable kayaks for various purposes, including fishing, whitewater, and pedal. Inflatable kayaks are easy to transport, store, and handle in most water types. However, they’re not for everyone – the newest model isn’t suited for beginners.

Oru Kayak Lake

You may have seen the popular Oru Bay kayak on Shark Tank. This model is also lightweight and can fold into a suitcase. It is made from strong polypropylene and is puncture and abrasion resistant. It is also easy to assemble. Here are some pros and cons to consider. Its price may be a little high, but it will definitely get you out on the water!

The Oru Lake is the newest folding kayak available in the Oru Kayak Lake. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, and is a great option for beginners. The Oru kayak also comes with a float bag, which helps displace water in the event of a capsize. Another advantage of the float bag is that it can be stored three deep in the trunk of a car and under the sofa.

Oru kayaks are made from polypropylene sheets that have undergone a special UV treatment. This makes them extremely durable and lightweight. While the Oru Bay ST kayaks are not the fastest, they can still be very responsive and are great for sprinting and fishing. The Oru Bay ST kayaks weigh less than half as much as comparable hard kayaks and are easily portable. Besides, the Oru kayaks can be folded into a carrying case so they can be taken with you.

Unlike hard-shell kayaks, inflatable kayaks are also vulnerable to wind. Wind can make them difficult to handle. They can’t handle higher winds than 15 mph. Also, when you get back to the car, you must deflate and roll the kayak up. It also becomes wet, which means it can mildew very quickly. Then you’ll have to take it to another location for storage.

Oru Kayak Tributary Tomcat Solo

If you’re looking for an entry-level inflatable kayak with high-performance features, consider the Oru Kayak Tributary Tomcat. It has triple main air chambers, a thwart seat, and upgraded materials and features. The solo’s stability makes it a great choice for beginners who aren’t quite ready for a double kayak. You can also add a paddle and a pack for an overnighter.

This mid-range whitewater inflatable kayak is easy to paddle in flat water and is available in a two-person version. At a reasonable price, the Tributary Tomcat Solo can be a great introduction to whitewater kayaking. Compared to other brands, it’s also a great alternative to Aire kayaks. This kayak is not only capable of handling a variety of whitewater conditions, but it’s also incredibly easy to transport and maneuver.

The lightweight, packable design of the Oru Kayak Tributary Tomcat provides exceptional portability and comfort while paddling. You can also carry it easily on whitewater because of its inflatable seat. You’ll also appreciate its easy-to-inflate design, with 18 pairs of cargo loops to attach carry bags or thigh straps. The self-bailing floor prevents water from accumulating beneath the kayak. The kayak also features rugged handles, a one-year warranty, and an impressive price tag.

A dual-seated kayak with excellent legroom is also available. The two-rider kayak has high-quality thigh straps and a high-quality aluminum skeg to help you keep track of the boat on flat water. It comes with Leafield C7 valves, making inflation and deflation a breeze. Its super-strong PVC construction provides confidence when navigating challenging whitewater obstacles. The kayak has a master class design, which makes it a great choice for touring in groups.


A new series of NRS kayaks is now on the market. The new Aire Force is a dependable and splurge-worthy upgrade for intermediate and advanced kayakers, combining the strength and performance of a hard-shell kayak with the easy-to-use flexibility of an inflatable. It features new, double-mesh drain holes that don’t get clogged by debris and float bags, as well as a Leafield C7 valve. It also weighs just 34 pounds and can carry up to 375 pounds of weight.

The NRS Outlaw II Tandem Inflatable Kayak is lightweight, easy to inflate, and provides solid whitewater performance. Its drop-stitch floor design provides a solid platform while paddling. The Outlaw II Tandem Inflatable Kayak is a great option for two paddlers, and it can also be used as a solo kayak. The NRS Outlaw II is a great choice for the family, or for anyone who wants to paddle with two.

Inflatable kayaks are ideal for recreational use. Many of these are suitable for flat water, calm rivers, and lakes. However, if you’re looking for a more serious inflatable kayak, there are pricier models made by Advanced Elements and Sea Eagle. Moreover, you can find an inflatable kayak for whitewater rafting and fishing. Hobie’s iTrek pedal-powered inflatable kayak is another great option.

NRS inflatable kayaks on sale come with a variety of features. This model features a wide cockpit, self-bailing floor, and a large cockpit. It also offers a thwart seat and is suitable for beginners. These kayaks are also light enough to fit in a trunk and are easy to carry. So, if you’re looking for an inflatable kayak for a family, look for a sale.

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