where are current designs kayaks made

Where Are Current Designs Kayaks Made?

If you are looking for a good quality kayak, you should start by checking out Current Designs. Their current models are the Storm, Sirocco, and Squall. These boats are built in the United States, and have been designed by renowned kayak designers like Derek Hutchinson. Known for their durability, these kayaks are very easy to transport, and feature features like deck rigging and retractable skegs. They are also available with an 8-inch day hatch. cheap fishing kayaks

The West Coast of British Columbia is an area full of wild landscapes and abundant wildlife, and kayaks have long been used by adventurous explorers. The late 1970s saw Brian Henry paddling along the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, and he recognized that there was a need for better kayaks. This led Henry to develop Current Designs kayaks and began building them for friends. He soon became a popular kayaker in the area.

Current Designs has also partnered with designers Derek Hutchinson and Nigel Foster to create some of their most popular sea kayaks. The former teamed up with the company to design the Caribou and Baidarka Explorer sea kayaks. In addition to these two high-end models, the company has also produced Nigel Foster’s Rumour design and the hard-chined Caribou sea kayak. This company is constantly seeking out new talent to create better kayaks for consumers. A recent collaboration with Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen resulted in the creation of three kayaks in the Danish Style.

The cost of a Current Designs kayak varies depending on the size, material, and option outfitting. For the most up-to-date pricing, check with a local paddle shop. A rotomolded polyethylene Squamish British touring kayak can run you as little as $1200. A kevlar Libra XT North American touring kayak can be anywhere between $2,600 and $4,400.

Current Designs also produces lightweight fiberglass kayaks, including the touring series. These kayaks have excellent finishes and are custom-built for the application they’re designed for. The Sisu fiberglass kayak, for example, is designed to be stable and perform in dynamic environments. The bulkheads and rock solid foot braces on these kayaks add strength and performance. These kayaks are also great for beginners. If you’re looking for a lightweight and durable kayak, Current Designs has a line of lightweight composite kayaks for every taste.

The Solstice kayak from Current Designs is a great choice for experienced paddlers and aspiring paddlers. These kayaks have an efficient design for long distance paddling, and track beautifully. But the Solstice is more maneuverable and playful on the water, and is best suited for a day trip, not a long overnight trip. Regardless of whether you choose a kayak for a day trip or an overnight adventure, you will love its performance and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for a Current Designs kayak, try searching online classifieds and online groups. Facebook groups and special interest pages are good places to find used kayaks. Join these groups and talk with paddlers about your kayaking interests. Alternatively, you can check Kijiji. Searching by boat category will yield the most results. If you find a kayak you like, try renting it before you buy it.