Where Are Future Beach Kayaks Made?

where are future beach kayaks made

If you’re thinking of buying a kayak, you might be wondering where these are made. Future Beach kayaks are made from blowmolded or rotomolded polyethylene and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and features. Future Beach also stresses environmental awareness and their manufacturing facility is zero-waste and landfill-friendly. Read on for a Future Beach kayak review. This review focuses on sit-in recreational kayaks, which are more stable than traditional sit-on-top kayaks.

Hemisphere Design Works

The company behind the Future Beach, Evoke, and Sun Dolphin recreational kayaks has shut down its Muskegon, Michigan headquarters. A day before the layoffs, the company filed a notice of intent to cease operations with the state of Michigan. Although layoffs are unavoidable when a company is facing such dire circumstances, this one is particularly heartbreaking. The company is a family-owned business that has been in business for over 30 years.

Muskegon-based Hemisphere Design Works was formed through the merger of KL Outdoor LLC and GSC Technologies Inc., which produces organization and other products. The company claimed to have 30 percent of the market for recreational kayaks, and is a subsidiary of New Water Capital. The company makes the Future Beach, Evoke, and Terrain brand kayaks. Until recently, Hemisphere Design Works sold its products to a range of retailers, including Walmart and Target.

KL Outdoor

Announcing its acquisition of KL Outdoors, a manufacturer of watersports equipment, the company will add more than 100 jobs and invest $8 million in the Henry County community. These jobs are expected to be in manufacturing, distribution, and customer service. KL Outdoors was founded in Muskegon, Michigan, and recently merged with Quebec-based GSC Technologies to become the world’s largest kayak manufacturer. The acquisition marks a major step forward in the company’s history and it is expected to help create jobs in the region.

The merger between KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies will increase production capacity, increase customer selection, improve financial strength, and allow the company to offer multiple shipping points for its products. This move will benefit the community and the company as a whole, with new jobs, and improved customer service. The new company will also add more jobs to Muskegon than it currently does. KL Outdoor will manufacture Future Beach kayaks in Muskegon, a location which was once home to a plastics company.

The new company will include several other brands. KL Outdoor will produce kayaks for the beach, while GSC Technologies will focus on building watercraft and other water sports equipment. The combined company will also manufacture a line of furniture. With more than 500 employees, Hemisphere is now the largest kayak maker in the world. And with four flagship brands in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, HDW has the perfect opportunity to become a household name in the outdoor industry.

In addition to watercraft, KL Outdoor also produces hunting blinds, sports sleds, and deer drags. KL Outdoor is set to grow in the near future as more of its customers become increasingly aware of its products and services. Their customer service and support makes them a great choice for beach kayaks. There are also several reviews of hard and inflatable kayaks by users who have used these products.

While Future Beach makes a range of kayaks, it is not known which models are the most expensive, so there are no high-end versions. While they are not the best-selling brands, they are sturdy and built to last. Despite the fact that the company acquired GSC/Future Beach, the company’s reputation remains high. It is currently owned by New Water Capital, and has an extensive line of kayaks for the beach and other watersports.

GSC Technologies

If you are looking for a place to make your next beach kayak, look no further than Muskegon. The newest venture from a Quebec private equity firm, GSC Technologies is building a world-class kayak manufacturing facility. The company was founded in 1982 and has since grown into one of the largest manufacturers of plastic goods in North America. In addition to paddle sports products, GSC also produces branded storage products, outdoor furniture, and folding tables & chairs. The company also has manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada, and employs strict quality standards.

KLO Holdings, the maker of Sun Dolphin kayaks, recently merged with the Quebec-based GSC Technologies, where future beach kayaks are made. The combination of the two companies is expected to increase the company’s manufacturing capacity, allowing it to meet the ever-increasing demand for recreational watercraft. It will also expand its product line and brand portfolio. The Michigan Strategic Fund recently awarded the combined company a performance-based $765,000 Michigan Business Development Program grant.

The merger of KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies will create the largest kayak manufacturing facility in the world, according to the company. Muskegon beat out two competing Canadian cities to land the new headquarters. KL Outdoor, which previously operated under the name Ameriform Inc., has a long history in Muskegon and employs about 300 people full-time and 200 during the winter months. Although the company still hasn’t finalized its new name, Muskegon has received a prestigious award for its environmental and community contributions.

The company merged two kayak-making companies to form Hemisphere Design Works, which is now the largest brand in the world. Its headquarters are located on Muskegon Lake. The new company will lay off 42 workers, with no bumping rights. The company has closed two other locations in Muskegon in October, including a production facility in the city. The Muskegon operations were formed through the merger of KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies.

Future Beach

Where are future beach kayaks manufactured? The parent company, GSC Technologies, was founded in 1982 by Bob Farber. In addition to kayaks and paddle-craft, GSC also manufactures storage containers, furniture, and outdoor equipment. The company has both company-owned and outsourced manufacturing facilities, and its brand products are sold at leading sporting goods retailers. Its history of creating high-quality kayaks and paddle-craft is well documented, and it continues to innovate.

The company makes its own kayaks, which are backed by a limited warranty. They also feature space age laser and ultrasonic inspection techniques to make sure that each kayak meets quality standards. The Future Beach company is a leader in quality control, and they’ve taken steps to ensure this by incorporating space age laser technology and ultrasonic inspection methods to produce the finest kayaks for their customers. It’s no surprise that Future Beach kayaks are among the best-selling kayaks in the country.

Originally, Future Beach kayaks were made locally for anglers in the area, but soon gained a name for themselves among outdoor enthusiasts. This is because Future Beach designed kayaks for hunting ducks and other water sports. Their Angler 160 kayak is a perfect example of this, and it is built specifically for this purpose. Its hull features multiple channels, a tiered footrest system, and a wide spray skirt lip. The boat also includes a large molded seat and backrest and a small padded backrest. Additionally, Future Beach kayaks feature an oval storage hatch, with bungees on the bow for extra gear.

Another great model, the Future Beach Angler 160, is designed for one person. It offers great value for money and features a Dihedral hull for tracking and stability. It’s also lightweight and easy to launch. It’s also a durable choice that will serve its user for years to come. There’s no need to worry about the durability of a Future Beach kayak – they’re designed to last for years!

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