where is hobie kayaks made

Where Are Hobie Kayaks Made?

So where are Hobie kayaks made? The answer may surprise you. They are manufactured in California, but you might wonder what’s so special about this brand. If you are considering purchasing a kayak, here are some of the things you should know. Read on for more information! Also, learn about the origin of this kayak! The manufacturer started making them in the early 1970s, so their quality is well-known and lauded. top rated fishing kayak

In addition to manufacturing sit-on-top kayaks, Hobie also manufactures surf boards, fishing boats, and sailboats. The company offers innovative features on its kayaks, including a patented pedaling system called MirageDrive. The company also offers several tandem kayak models with the MirageDrive pedaling system. The company’s kayaks are designed to offer a smooth, comfortable ride, so you can enjoy the water without a traditional paddle.

When purchasing a used Hobie kayak, you should check its condition carefully. Make sure that the rudder is working properly. It should have a consistent up and down line, and the steering handle should turn the rudder blade evenly with the steering handle. Also, check the rudder pin, which should be easily accessible from the bottom. If you find one that has been damaged, replace it with a new one.

Several years ago, Hobie Cat Company, a pioneer in the pedal-drive kayak industry, sold its European operations to a private equity group comprised of executives from the industrial auction firm Maynards Industries. Taso Sofikitis, the new chairman and CEO, has stepped in to take charge of the company. The new management team has brought in a new CFO and COO. The company recently announced the creation of 65 new positions at its Oceanside, CA headquarters. These positions will help with production.

The design of Hobie pedal kayaks is ergonomic. The seat is made of aluminum and features mounting tracks for accessories. It is equipped with tie-down ropes for cargo and has a spacious storage compartment. It also has a comfortable aluminum-framed seat. The paddles can be tilted to various angles, and the rudder can be manually operated. The ergonomics of Hobie kayaks make them the best choice for recreational paddlers.

The Hobie pedal kayak has a retractable skeg and rudder to compensate for wind force. This makes the kayaks easier to maneuver, and it’s easy to steer in either direction with just a pedal. This feature is particularly useful on a windy day. Pedal kayaks can also be equipped with sails, making them perfect for fishing. They are great for families and those who like to spend their leisure time outdoors.

In addition to the scupper tube, the bow hatch also has a trim-loc gasket that can lose its memory over time. The gasket may also be damaged in older models. Older models of the Hobie kayaks may have cracked or molded scupper tubes. While this is not an immediate problem, the replacement of the scupper tube may be necessary. A new one will last longer and be more durable.