Where to Rent Kayaks in Lake Crescent

where to rent kayaks lake crescent

While Lake Crescent is a popular destination for tourists, there are many spots off the beaten path where you can rent kayaks. Here are a few places to rent kayaks in Lake Crescent: Fairholme Campground, Windy’s Canoe and Tube Rental, La Poel, and Log Cabin Resort. There are also several off-the-beaten-path places you can try out. You can choose from one of the many types of kayaks available at any of these locations.

Log Cabin Resort

Located on the northern shore of Lake Crescent, Log Cabin Resort offers canoe and kayak rentals, as well as boat launches. You can also rent fishing poles and catch two species of trout. You can also plan a scenic picnic by the lake. Kayak rentals are available at the resort as well as in nearby areas. For additional amenities, the lodge has a restaurant on site.

If you are traveling with a family, you should consider renting kayaks at Log Cabin Resort. They have cabins and RV hookups for rent. The Fairholme Campground is another great option for kayak and paddleboard rentals. You can also rent a boat from the campground itself. There is a lovely beach and a general store there, too. If you plan to rent a motorized boat, you should make sure to make an appointment with the park ranger.

If you want to go kayaking in the summer, the nearby Namekagon River offers many scenic areas for exploring. If you prefer to stay in a cabin, Log Cabin Resort also rents out RVs. Kayaks can be easily rented by the day, and you can also get a guide to help you with the rental process. Whether you’re renting kayaks for your first trip or your tenth, you’ll have the best kayaking experience on Lake Crescent.

There are many other places to go for lunch, but Log Cabin Resort is the best option. They offer a full-service restaurant and a general store. If you want to dine in the lodge itself, there is Granny’s Cafe on the east side of Lake Crescent. This cafe serves great soft serve ice cream. The log cabins on Lake Crescent are a wonderful place to dine with a group or to enjoy a nice meal while kayaking.

Fairholme Campground

If you’re planning a family vacation to the Olympic Peninsula, renting a kayak from Fairholme Campground will be a great way to experience the lake and its surrounding beauty. This campground is located on the west side of Lake Crescent, just 18 miles from Port Angeles. The Olympic Mountains are abundant with beautiful spots to pitch a tent, and you can also visit nearby Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort.

There’s a boat launch and pier on the property, which is a great place to take a kayak or canoe out onto the lake. A small store near the boat launch rents kayaks and canoes, while the Fairholme Campground general store rents canoes and paddleboards. The campground is open late April through September. There are no reservations, and RVs are welcome. The campsite has three loops, with no electrical hookups.

Whether you’re renting a kayak or kayaking, the Pacific Northwest is an ideal location for your next adventure. You’ll find hiking trails, picnic tables, volleyball courts, and kayak rentals at Alki Beach Park, which is located just outside the park’s entrance. The park’s location makes it easy to reach and offers spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains. If you’re looking for a place to grab a soft-serve treat on your way to Hurricane Ridge, make sure to stop at Granny’s Cafe. It’s located near Highway 101 and makes a convenient stop on the way.

If you’re looking for a quieter place to camp on Lake Crescent, Fairholme Campground is an ideal choice. Located on the western shore, it is close to the park’s historic Lake Crescent Lodge and Storm King Ranger Station. The campsite also features a swimming area for kids. The campground also has a fire pit for campers to enjoy their evenings around a fire. The campground is only open from mid-May to mid-September, but the rest of Olympic National Park is open all year long.

Windy’s Canoe and Tube Rental

Windy’s Canoe and Tube Rent a Boat provides trips on the Current and Jacks Fork rivers, and provides transportation to and from your rental. While you can rent rafts, kayaks and tubes from Windy’s, they do not warn you of the dangers of rivers with low water levels. They do discuss these risks with customers when they return. You should be prepared to take a few risks while paddling, but you should not get too comfortable.

La Poel

If you are planning a vacation to Canada, you may be wondering, “Where can I rent kayaks on Lake Crescent?” The answer is La Poel. This lake was once a resort but was demolished years ago. Now, it is accessible by road, a dirt road that loops through the woods. While it looks like there are campsites nearby, they are not. The area is strictly for day use.

For those who have never paddled in a kayak before, La Poel has two excellent locations. One is located just east of the highway on the lake’s eastern shore. There are several picnic tables near the shore, and the area has vault toilets and showers. East Beach is popular with families, as it is very shallow and provides a perfect entry point to Lake Crescent. Once you’re on the water, make sure to paddle back to shore.

If you’re looking for a more sheltered area, consider the Strait of Juan de Fuca, just north of Olympic National Park. This waterway is home to sea stars and seals. It also offers excellent fishing, and you’ll be able to spot a few of them along the way. While you’re on the lake, don’t forget to check the weather conditions before heading out.

The lodge overlooks Lake Crescent, offering a breathtaking view of the lake. From here, you can experience a sherbet-colored sunset, where the sun kisses the water’s gentle waves and the tall trees on the opposite shore. Afterwards, you’ll see an endless blanket of stars as you paddle along the lake. If you’re unsure of where to rent kayaks on Lake Crescent, La Poel’s staff can help you out.


If you’re looking to explore the lake on a kayak, you’ll find plenty of options at NatureBridge. Renting a kayak at this location can help you get out on the water and explore the area on a quieter day. There are many different kayaking spots around Lake Crescent, including a nature center near the southern shore, and you can even do some paddling yourself!

If you’re looking for a unique venue for your wedding or a fun-filled event with a rustic, beautiful setting, you might want to consider renting a kayak at NatureBridge. The location is perfect for an intimate ceremony, and the lodge has plenty of space for guests. Kari and John started their day at NatureBridge with breakfast and a canoe ride. Guests were then treated to a romantic ceremony and reception. Dinner and dancing were held under the canopy of a big tent on the grounds.

If you’re looking for a quieter location, try North Shore Dock. This less-popular spot is right across the lake from the Pyramid Peak Trailhead. From here, you’ll have a view of the lake from the old fire lookout. The view is spectacular, and the location is less crowded than other nearby spots. If you’re looking for a more challenging hike, try Pyramid Peak.

In addition to kayak rentals, the resort also offers paddleboards and canoes for rent. The lodge offers a scenic picnic area and boat launch facilities. You can also check out the information cabin, which is located on the northeast shore of Barnes Point. If you’d like to do some hiking or kayaking, there’s a brochure available at the lodge’s information cabin.

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