Which Roof Rack For Kayaks Should You Buy?

which roof rack for kayaks

There are many different types of roof racks available for kayaks. In this article, we will examine the J-cradle, Sportneer, Stax Pro2, and Xsporter Pro. You can choose the rack that best fits your kayaks’ needs. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making the right decision. After all, your kayak should be safe, secure, and easy to carry. If you’re in the market for a new kayak rack, you’ll be able to get a good deal on one of these.


This roof-mounted kayak carrier features a unique design that fits all types of kayaks. It is secure enough to carry kayaks that weigh up to 75 pounds and comes with bow and stern tie-downs. This rack is also universal, which means that it fits most vehicles with roof-rails. It comes with heavy-duty straps and bow/stern tie-downs. The J-cradle kayak carrier folds into a small, flat storage area when not in use, and it has a wide enough opening for another roof carrier.

It comes with high-quality, rubber-padded straps for tying down the kayak. It’s made of durable polycarbonate plastic and protects the kayak hull from the elements. It can accommodate two kayaks, paddleboards, and surfboards. Its low-profile design is great for aerodynamics. It’s also ideal for emergencies. You can also purchase kayak racks made of polycarbonate, but be sure to research their strength before purchasing one.

If you are going to haul more than one kayak, it’s a good idea to choose a stacker-style roof rack for kayaks. These racks are slim, making them great for narrower vehicles. They are also ideal for long-haul trips, but they’re not as secure as J-cradles. If you’re worried about rolling over your kayak, you may want to opt for a cradle.

There are also roof-racks designed specifically for kayaks. These are shaped like a “J” and support a kayak on the side. They’re easy to install and are especially beneficial for vehicles that have crossbars and side rails. They also allow you to transport two kayaks side by side. However, if you own a narrow vehicle, a J-cradle is the right choice for you.

Xsporter Pro

The Xsporter Pro roof rack for kayak provides the convenience of storing your kayaks on your vehicle. This kayak rack does not add much height to your car and has an automatic fold system that keeps it mounted when not in use. It comes with all the necessary straps, oversized padding, and nylon covers. The rack is easy to install and takes a minimal amount of time to assemble. Its stowage system is a snap, and it is easy to remove once you’re done with it.

The Xsporter Pro is easy to install, and you don’t have to drill holes in your vehicle’s roof. It comes with a convenient locking system and adjustable height knobs that are easy to adjust. The Thule Xsporter Pro has aerodynamic designs and WindDiffuser technology to reduce the noise and vibration of the kayak as it transports it to and from the water. The Xsporter Pro is suitable for both flat and curved surfaces.

The Xsporter Pro roof rack for kayak is made of durable aluminum and can fit into any standard truck bed. It has a U-shaped design that flips out when the tailgate is down, making it a convenient solution for short kayaks. The rack is constructed from 6063 T6 aluminum alloy and features a powder-coated finish. It is also resistant to corrosion. The Thule Xsporter Pro roof rack for kayaks is an affordable and durable option for your next outdoor adventure.

The TMS Adjustable truck rack fits almost any vehicle. Its adjustable legs can accommodate a 5-foot bed or a seven-foot bed. It is capable of carrying up to 800 pounds of watercraft. Its aluminum construction ensures the safety of your kayaks while driving. If you’re looking for a versatile roof rack for kayaks, the TMS Adjustable Truck Rack is a great choice.


The Sportneer roof rack for kayaks is a durable, versatile rack that can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle. Featuring adjustable cradle supports, a double-folding J-bar design, and rust-proof, water and fireproof aluminum tubes, this rack is the perfect solution for kayak and stand-up paddle board transportation. And, if you have a vehicle that can’t fit a rack on the back of your vehicle, you can use a kayak carrier to store both.

Its double roof rack is 16.5 by 9.25 inches in size and includes four ratchet-style kayak and canoe bow and stern lines. The rack is adjustable to fit your kayak and gear up to 42-inches wide and 165-lbs. Besides kayaks, it also can hold other gear and accessories. The rack’s length means it won’t scratch your roof and helps minimize vibrations during transportation.

Another great feature of the Sportneer roof rack for kayaks is its 180-degree fold-and-raise feature, which can accommodate a variety of kayak sizes. It is also equipped with paddle holders and spongy padding to prevent it from moving around. In addition to being durable and versatile, this rack comes with 15-foot tie-down ropes to keep your kayak secure while you are on the road.

You can choose between foam-top kayak racks and installed systems. Foam roof racks are the simplest to install and typically come with the hardware and straps needed to secure the kayak. They can be attached to the top of the vehicle and are a great option for shorter trips. Foam roof racks can be installed on a variety of vehicles. If you have a smaller vehicle, you can install a single roof rack. Otherwise, you can choose between two or three kayak carriers.

Stax Pro2

The Stax Pro2 roof rack for kayaks has four cinch straps and rope tie downs to secure your kayak. The system is adjustable, but if your crossbar is not square, you might have to adjust the straps to fit your kayak. It takes about 20 minutes to strap your kayak. Be sure to set up your kayak on foam blocks first, and then run the buckles over the side of your kayak.

The Stax Pro 2 kayak carrier by Malone is made of a lightweight, aluminum and composite construction and folds flat for easy storage when not in use. It can carry two kayaks side by side and has foam blocks for the two kayaks on each side. It also comes with straps for securing kayaks to the rack, and folds away easily when not in use. The Stax Pro2 system is also guaranteed for life.

The Malone Stax Pro 2 roof rack for kayaks is a sturdy and safe way to carry two kayaks. Made of aluminum octagon posts, this rack is one of the strongest folding stackers available. It comes with four foam stacker blocks and includes mounting hardware and straps to keep your kayaks safely secured. You can also install the rack with one or two kayaks at a time for more space.


The Malone roof rack for kayaks features a distinctive SeaWing design that is simple to install and will work with most kayaks. This rack eliminates the need to lift the kayaks and will allow you to simply position the kayaks on the rear of your vehicle and push them up to be loaded. The rack features an optional load assist system, available separately. The rack features molded frame engineering and non-corrosive screws and bolts. The Malone SeaWing also includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

The Malone J-Pro2 ™ 2 auto kayak carrier uses a heavy-duty steel J-cradle to hold the kayaks. It comes with a Jawz universal fit mounting block that fits most factory cross-rails. Full synthetic rubber padding is included for safety. The rack includes 12′ cam-style load straps. You can easily mount the Malone J-Pro2 auto kayak carrier to your vehicle’s roof.

This versatile rack can hold two kayaks in a stacked position. It has an adjustable cam lever that allows you to set the rack upright or down. The kayak rack is a versatile option, since it can fit nearly any car with a roof rack. It also has a 175-pound load capacity and deflates to a compact size when not in use. It also assembles with no tools, making it easy to store and transport your kayaks.

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