Who Founded NDK Kayaks?

who founded ndk kayaks

Have you ever wondered who founded NDK Kayaks? You might be curious about the company and its founders, but do you know much about these kayaks? You can find out by reading this article! We’ll talk about the company’s history and some of their best-selling models, including the NDK Adventurer and the NDK Explorer. We’ll also take a look at some of their most popular styles, including the Romany.

Nigel Dennis Designs

Established in Anglesey, North Wales, UK, Nigel Design has developed an extensive range of sea kayaks. The brand is synonymous with British sea kayak design. Despite its international reputation, the company still makes its own kayaks. Nigel Dennis designs include the Explorer, Pilgrim, and Romany. Here’s a look at the company’s history. To get started, read on.

The company’s eponymous founder, Nigel Dennis, is an avid sea kayaker. His goal was to build a boat that could take people to remote places and show them the world from a different perspective. His design would incorporate a fleet of kayaks that would be stored on the boat, allowing members to paddle off-shore and enjoy the scenery. Since then, Nigel Dennis Kayaks has been a leader in kayaking design and manufacturing.

The founders of Nigel Dennis Designs learned the craft from renowned instructors and traveled to places like the Apostle Islands and Haida Gwaii. He was also inspired by world-class expeditioners. The man capsized ten times on his epic 7-year journey but persevered and built a kayak that could survive his adventures. As a result, he has been producing quality sea kayaks for the past twenty years.

The first Nigel Dennis design was the Romany. The name of the boat comes from the word “Roma/Romani.” These historically nomadic European people were known for their gypsy-like lifestyles. Nigel Dennis’s Romany was designed to be comfortable and easy to use. A few features of this kayak include:

The first kayak was designed for expedition travel and Nigel Foster learned to kayak in Brighton, England at the age of 15. He was hired by the Burwash Place Outdoor Activity Centre as a trainee instructor. He was very interested in the outdoors and pursued a degree in environmental education. He also worked as a teacher at a school in Buckinghamshire, where he gained valuable classroom experience. His vision for his kayaks soon spread to the world.


The hull of a Romany kayak is friendly to beginners but becomes more valuable with age and skill. Its hull has enough rocker to keep it straight in rough conditions but doesn’t require a skeg for a responsive edge. The chin of a Romany kayak is shaped to allow it to carve through following waves and maneuver in surf. Its chine is also gentler than that of some other kayak designs.

The Explorer and Romany boats are still among the most popular sea kayaks. They are considered the benchmark of play-the-sea kayaks. The Romany Classic surfs brilliantly, is easy to turn and glides home faster than slower kayaks. Its hull is built tough enough to withstand rough sea conditions. While these kayaks remain popular with seasoned sea kayakers, they have been replaced by other manufacturers with the same level of perfection.

The RS is a responsive sea kayak designed for medium to large paddlers. Its hull shape offers high stability, yet still provides a fast turning performance. Its shaped foredeck allows paddlers with large feet to get in and out of the boat with ease. It also has a wider keyhole cockpit than any other British fibreglass sea kayak. Compared to the Romany Classic, the RS is more comfortable for paddling, thanks to its wider keyhole cockpit. The RS also has more volume in the rear compartments than its predecessor, the Romany Classic.

NDK Explorer

NDK Explorer is the primary expedition kayak offered by Glue Networks. It is faster than any other model in its family, has excellent direction stability, and can carry up to 100 pounds of gear. It is also equipped with a High-performance glass seat and a low rear deck that makes it easy to roll. Moreover, its keyhole cockpit and low rear deck allow it to be emptied without lifting the entire front.

NDK Adventurer

Founded in South Dakota by two NDK Adventurer founders, SoDak Con has a rich history and a proud history of success. The first SoDak Con was held at Rushmore Mall in 1998, but quickly outgrew its space. Walden Books quickly became cramped and the community soon moved to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Today, SoDak Con has grown into an annual convention that has attracted thousands of enthusiasts and locals alike.

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