Who Founded NDK?

who founded ndk kayaks

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you’re likely curious about who founded NDK. What do these companies have in common? The founder of Nigel Dennis’ SKUK kayak brand is a Romany. Nigel Dennis, on the other hand, is a British native. But what do Nigel and Romany have in common? Read on to learn about them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Nigel Dennis

Nigel Dennis is a British sea kayaker and founded Nigel Dennis Kayaks in 1993. He has led expeditions around the world, improving the safety and design of sea kayaks. The company manufactures sea kayaks in Anglesey, Wales. Dennis introduced keyhole cockpits and offset day hatches, which have helped his kayaks to gain a strong reputation as a reliable, safe boat.

The Nigel Sea Kayaks are handcrafted in Wales. The company’s Romany model is one of its bestsellers. The Romany model measures 22.6 inches long, 13.9 inches tall at the cockpit, and has a volume of 362 liters. The Sea Kayaks are easy to transport, with two storage bags. You can take them by plane, car, or ferry. The lightweight design also makes it easy to re-enter after exiting wet.

Nigel Dennis started his kayak business after a career in coaching. He went on to design a variety of sea kayaks for people of all skill levels. These kayaks have a number of features that make them suitable for novice and expert sea kayakers. In addition to providing a stable ride, Nigel Dennis kayaks also have a variety of accessories available for purchase. Nigel Dennis Kayaks are also available for purchase at the Nordkapp Trust Expedition Centres around the world.

NDK kayaks began as a passion for Nigel Dennis and the company’s founders. He had a love of paddling and became an American Canoe Association instructor and British Canoe Union Coach in 1996. After completing the ACA instructor training, he worked as a guide in Munising, Michigan. Since then, he became an instructor trainer for the company and has led dozens of workshops to help other paddlers learn the skills necessary to paddle safely and comfortably.


Nigel Dennis Kayaks are world renowned for their performance and are made by award-winning kayakers in Anglesey, North Wales, UK. Founded by Nigel Dennis, a world-class expeditioner and BCU coach, NDK is synonymous with British sea kayak design. NDK is currently part of Sea Kayaking UK, a company that continues to design innovative sea kayaks for the avid paddler.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks, which were started in Anglesey, Wales, were designed to be a good option for beginners and advanced kayakers alike. Nigel Dennis’s goal was to produce a kayak that was easy to maneuver, neutral in wind and waves, and would not be damaged if dropped off a cliff. This kayak would have sufficient speed for long journeys and would be strong enough to take a beating from rocks. Romany designed the boat for Nigel Dennis, which introduced the keyhole cockpit design and the three hatch “shaped ski” design. Since 1993, the Nigel has become the standard sea kayak for many paddlers.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks was founded in 1991 by a couple of passionate paddlers, and the name Romany is derived from the ancient name of the Roma/Romani people of Europe. The word “Romany” refers to the ancient Romani people, formerly known as Gypsies. This name has remained popular among paddlers and coaches because of its versatility. The Classic is easy to maneuver and control in wind and waves, and is often seen in competitive sea kayak races across the British Isles.

The NDK RS is a highly responsive sea kayak. This model is ideal for medium to large paddlers. Its hull shape makes it easy to turn. It has a wider keyhole cockpit than any other British-made fibreglass sea kayak. It has more volume in the rear compartment than the Romany Classic. It also features a shaped foredeck to accommodate large feet. Its ergonomic design also makes it easy to handle in rough seas.


SKUK kayaks are performance seacrafts that are made of fiberglass, carbon Kevlar, 50/50, and rotomolded materials. Each style is made to accommodate the size and weight of paddlers. The SKUK Explorer, a popular choice for medium-sized paddlers, features plenty of space underneath the foredeck for larger shoes and a watermelon.

Nigel Dennis, who founded the company with the Romany design, has since designed a diverse range of sea kayaks. Founded in Anglesey, Nigel Dennis is also a BCU coach and world-class expeditioner. His name is synonymous with British sea kayak design, and his company, now called SKUK kayaks, continues to design his boats to the highest standards.

SKUK boats are also very popular with seasoned paddlers. SKUK kayaks have a proven track record with seasoned paddlers, and other manufacturers have copied their design elements. But while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there is nothing quite like the original. The Explorer and Romany remain on the shortlist of rough water sea kayaks. If you’re looking for a comfortable, responsive boat, look no further than the Romany or Explorer.


Nigel Dennis is the owner and founder of NDK kayaks. He is also the owner of Rockpool kayaks. Rockpool kayaks are smaller than NDK and P&H, but compete on quality, service, and evolution. In addition to being an accomplished sea kayaker, Jonathan Ross recently completed a solo circumnavigation of the Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway and a passage through Maelstrom. He is also a BCU 5-star sea leader and level 4 sea coach and has attended several international sea kayaking symposiums.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks started with the design of the Romany 20 years ago. He has since designed a range of kayaks suited for both beginners and experienced paddlers. The company was founded by Nigel Dennis, a BCU coach and world level expeditioner. Today, Nigel Dennis kayaks are synonymous with British sea kayak design, and are made in Anglesey, North Wales, UK. Nigel Dennis Kayaks is now known as Sea Kayaking UK. Its products are available at Nordkapp Trust Expedition Centres worldwide.

SKUK performance sea kayaks

The founders of SKUK performance sea kayaks, Nigel Dennis, first developed a prototype kayak that he named the Romany 20 years ago. He has since developed a broad range of kayaks that are now synonymous with British sea kayak design. NDK kayaks have since evolved into Sea Kayaking UK, a brand that continues to be popular with paddlers worldwide.

The SKUK Explorer is the most popular touring kayak. It is a versatile boat for all paddlers, and features a long waterline, as well as hard chines. Its hull is slightly longer and features a rocker configuration, making it incredibly stable even in rough water. Its wide waterline provides excellent stability, and it is recommended for tidal races and surfing.

SKUK’s Explorer is perfect for medium-sized paddlers. With plenty of room under the foredeck for larger shoes, the Explorer also offers a comfortable place to store watermelon. It is also equipped with recessed deck fittings and a wire skeg for stability, although a rope skeg is also available for an extra charge. You can choose between yellow, red, blue, and white.

SKUK boats have proven themselves in the hands of experienced paddlers. While other manufacturers have adopted elements of the Explorer and Romany, no one can match the original – the SKUK remains at the top of the short list for rough water sea kayaks. And it’s also a good idea to check out the Romany and Explorer. You’ll be glad you did.

Despite its low-riding profile, SKUK’s Explorer model is the main expedition kayak. The Explorer is faster than the Romany family but direction-stable. Its high-performance glass seat offers exceptional comfort and ease of use. A keyhole cockpit allows you to easily access all the compartments while on the water. And a large cargo hold helps you transport food and other items while keeping the kayak moving.

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